TVKA Tournament

This was the second tournament of 2018 following the throw down  on smith lake with Cullman kayak anglers. This was my first tournament with the TVKA and it was very well ran. The tournament took place on Guntersville lake in north Alabama. Kayak tournaments typically have online or in person captains meeting done at the neutral sight or online via facebook live. The tournament started at 6:30am with a weight at scottsboro tackle company at 3:00pm. The weather for the day was a high of 64 with a low of 48 with rain off and on all day.

The day started very slow for me. I spent all morning fishing in the rain. I rotated between a white chattier bait and red rattle trap targeting shallow grass beds in 4-6ft of water. The goal was to target the fish that were starting to move of in a pre-spawning pattern. The first fish didn’t bite until 11:50am coming off of the rattle trap measuring 14.5 inch’s. I continued to fish the same area for the rest of the day not getting another bite until 1:50pm. The second fish measured 16.00 inch’s. I caught it using the white chatterbait. This fish came off the the shallow side on the grass bed in 3ft of water with scattered grass. I finished the day with  30.75 inch’s. That put me in 22nd for the tournament.

Final results

 On the way home from this tournament i ended up with a flat tire on my trailer. I left the kayak in Guntersville for the night until i could return the next day to change it. Lesson learned, Make sure to have a spare tire. Total miles traveled 151.

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