CKA Guntersville

Cullman Kayak Anglers Guntersville lake tournament March 3rd, 2018.

The third tournament of the year was on March 3rd,  2018 on Guntersville Lake. Cullman Kayak Anglers hosted the event. It was their first full tournament other than a couple of throw-downs. 

Guntersville is right out 1 hour from my house and i had been making to trip every week pre-fishing for another tournament that was coming up. I was doing pretty well with the areas that i was fishing and felt pretty good  about my chances in this tournament. The day start out cold. Temps were in the mid 30s when the tournament started and only rose to the mid 50s by the end on the day.  There was a steady 12mph wind out of the north for the better part of the day.

The first fish on the day came early at 6:18am and it was a good one at 19.75 inches

19.75 inch caught on green pumpkin chatter-bait

I caught it slow rolling a green pumpkin chatter-bait along side on a rip-rap bank. Caught the second fish at 6:35am coming in at 12.00 inches. The chatter-bait in early march can be a really strong bait. I continued throwing it and landing the third fish of the morning at 6:52am at 13.50 inches. From there i went a little over an hour without a fish. At this point i have switched over to a Texas rigged lizard and am targeting every weed i can find in the area that i was fishing. It didn’t seem to matter if it was a big patch of weeds or a solo weed in the pocket. The fourth fish came from the lizard at 8:19am measuring 12.00 inches. My fifth fish didn’t come until 10:57am coming in at 12.75. At this point i have 5 fish worth 70.00 inches. I upgraded one of the 12.00 inch fish at 12:23pm with a 16.50 inch fish. I ended up winning the tournament that day with 74.50 inches. Winning that tournament covered the entry fees for the rest of the season.  Total miles traveled 87.

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