NAKA open

North Alabama Kayak Angler opening tournament on Guntersville lake 3/17/18.

NAKA stands for North Alabama Kayak anglers. They  are a large kayak club based in north Alabama. They host what i have come to believe on of the best tournament trails that i have ever been apart of. This is the tournament that i spent all my time pre fishing for in February and March.

I made it over to guntersville around 1:00pm on Friday  and check on my primary spot. The water was down a good bit and was very clear. I had been seeing the water levels rise and fall during my time pre fishing but i didn’t expect the water to clear up like it was. We moved over to another area of the lake and spent the rest of the day fishing. The weather was great for mid march. High was around 77 and the low around 55. There was pretty strong 10-15mph wind that started around 10:00am and  stuck with us. I had the pleasure of fishing with a young man named Brice. Brice was brand new to kayak fishing but really wanted to make his entrance with a tournament. 

2018-NAKA-Tournament-Trail-Tracking-031418Brice and I were the first people at the ramp the follow morning. NAKA started this year allowing you to launch and be on the water before lines in time. Brice and I were sitting in the water awaiting lines in time first thing that morning. The first fish came at 7:37am measuring at 14.75 inches. It was caught using a storm 360 swimbait in the smokin ghost color. I was not much of a swimbait angler until i tried these swimbaits. After fishing with it i was pretty hooked.  I would spend most of my trying to bump the swimbait off of isolated cover in shallow water. The second came at 8:04am measuring 15.25 inches. The third fish came shortly after measuring 14.50. I was able to switch to a texas-rig yum dinger in green pumpkin and cull up catching a 17.25 inch fish at 11:06am and a 15.25 inch fish at 12:15pm. I ended up with 47.75 with my best three fish. I tied for 8th place for the tournament. The wight in is was held at top-o-river in Guntersville. The food is always great and welcomed after a long day on the water. If your really hungry get the steak. You wont be disappointed. Brice ended up coming in 24th on his first tournament. Total miles traveled 154. 

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