NAKA big bass March

North Alabama kayak anglers big bass March tournament

Throughout the season NAKA will hold a big bass tournament. The tournament will run for a full month and is open to any public waters in Alabama. The objective is simple. Catch the biggest bass and you win. It normally takes somewhere around 24inchs to win or be in the money. There are typically enough eniters to pay three places. Acadamy sports has been a great sponsor to these events and will put up a gift card to the top three anglers.

March is always a great month for catching big bass. The fish are in the pre-spawn to spawning phase and they are hungry. It is not uncommon to check the tournament boards and see where a group of anglers have weighed in a 30lb 5 fish stinger. This happens from Kentucky lake all the way to Pickwick.

As for the NAKA big fish tournament the results are no different. The group that fishes these tournaments can flat out catch big fish. I was only able to put up a 20 inch largemouth during this tournament. You receive a point for every inch that you submit on your biggest fish. 20 inches = 20 AOY points.

It ended up taking a 24-inch largemouth to win this month’s tournament. 2nd place came in with 23.50 inches and 3rd place with 22.50 inches.

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