NAKA classic

North Alabama Kayak anglers classic on guntersville lake.

This tournament is the last tournament of the year for NAKA outside of big bass or throw-downs. The classic is closed to everyone unless you fish your way in. You can achieve that goal by winning any tournament during the season or placing in the top 15 for angler of the year. I was able to qualify under both categories by winning the big bass tournament for July. I also finished in fourth for angler of the year.

I spent some of Friday afternoon pre-fishing for Saturdays tournament. I spent my time Friday fishing the south end of the lake. The temp was around 91 with a 5mph wind. 

My primary baits were a savage gear rat in gray and a whopper flopper 75 in monkey butt. I was targeting matted grass lines with both baits. The first fish came from the rat and measured 19.00 inches. From there i moved over to a second brass bed and caught back to back 16.25 inch fish. Both fish came from working the whopper flopper down the edge of the grass line. I decided to back out of the area in case i needed it the next day. I spent the rest of the day fishing back the the ramp without catching anymore fish. 

The tournament had a lines in time of 6:00am. I was a the ramp at 5:40am getting my kayak ready to go for the day. I was joined with two more guys. They both fished the same area back during the open in March. I expected them to be there and welcomed the company. I started fishing in a small shallow pocket. About half of the area was a mated grass bed, the other half was open water with small weeds and grass bed through out it. I started the morning throwing the rat and whopper plopper. Around 6:30 i missed one fish on the rat.

The first fish came at 6:58am after changing over to a keitech easy shiner swimbait in Electric Shad Easy Shiner. 13.25 had me on the board.

The 2nd fish followed on the next case using the same lure measuring 13.50. I moved out to a grass bed in deeper water. I worked a black spro frog over the grass.

The 3rd fish came from that mat at 9:10am and measured 16.25 inches. I fished that mat for a while longer without another bite.

I moved over to another mat and caught my 4th fish coming in at 17.50 inches.I missed my fifth fish on the frog. I work a punching rig in the same area until the fifth fish same. It measured in at 18.50 inches. 

I would spend the remainder on the day trying to cull up.

At 12:00 i was able to cull up the 13.25 inch fish with a 14.50 bring my tournament total 80.25 inches. This put me in 4th place for the tournament and closing out a great year with NAKA. I look forward to fishing this trail next year. If you are looking for more information into kayak bass fishing tournament and are in the north alabama area check out 

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