NAKA big bass July

North Alabama Kayak angler’s big bass July.

This is the third big bass tournament for the year. The tournament runs from July the 1st – the 31st. The rules are simple. Top three biggest fish get paid.

  • Biggest bass wins 
  • Most be caught on public waters in Alabama.
  • Caught while Kayak fishing 
  • Every inch equals a point to AOY. 
  • Fish from 12:00am on the 1st to 11:59pm on the 31st.

This was the last big fish tournament of the season and I was still sitting with a 20inch big bass that I caught during the March big bass tournament. I knew going in to this tournament that I needed to upgrade the 20-inch fish and get a few more points. Going in to the tournament I was sitting in 5th place for angler of the year. I was somewhere around 17 points behind the first-place guy. I am not one of those guys that says.” I’m not worried about where I stand, I’m just going to go fish and the chips will fall where they may.” Nope, that’s not me. I want to know exactly where I stand and exactly what I need to do to win.  

The tournament started on a Sunday and before I could even get my stuff loaded up there were already three fish posted on the board over 19-inchs. I spent the first half of the month  fishing serval different lakes in North Alabama. I was able to catch a lot of good fish but nothing over the 19-inchs. Already having a fishing at 20-inchs and knowing that there were already fish posted larger than the fish I was catching there was no need to post those 19-inch fish. 

Fast forward to Sunday July the 15th. A friend of mine and I decided to head to the lake early that morning getting there around 4:45. The forecast was calling for scattered storms and cloudy during the morning breaking away to sunny in the afternoon. It rained for about 20 minutes after getting there. We started fishing at around 5:00am. I worked my way along a  weed line rotating between a savage gear 3d rat and a Savage Gear 3d duck. Both baits were brand new to me, but I really needed to catch a bigger fish than the 19-inch fish I had been catching. I fished my way back into a shallow weed pocket that was shallow on both sides with a channel that was around 7ft deep running through the middle of the pocket. I would bring the duck along the edge of the weeds and then out to the channel edge making pauses has I brought the lure back to the boat. I was just past the channel edge when the first fish of the morning hit. I very nice 24.25-inch largemouth hit at 5:30am and shallowed the duck.IMG_8750.jpg

This fish put me in first place for the tournament. Shawn and Greg both had 23.00-inch fish that had 2nd and 3rd covered up. A storm rolled in around 8:00 and push us off the water for the morning. 

The one thing that I kept thinking about was that I did not have a tie breaker fish. NAKA rules  state that fish resulting in a tie will move down to each angler next fish. If two anglers and a 24-inch fish and one has and 23 has his tie breaker fish and the other angler only has a 19 then angler one would be in first place. 

I decided to take off for an afternoon trip top a lake that I had not been to before. The goal was to find a solid tie breaker fish. I put my kayak in the water around 1:00pm. Being the first time on this lake I spent a few minutes talking to a guy that had been on the water most of the day. He gave me a few tips about the lake and we went on our way. I started out throwing a white spinnerbait around some submerged brush piles. The water was very clear and around 20ft deep. I switch over to Savage Gear 3d duck again. I made two cast around over some old dead grass when the duck gets smoked again. I could tell that this fish was going to be good. It made one jump and  ran right to the boat. I was able to get the fish lipped and in the boat. The guy that I was talking to was still at the ramp. I asked him if he would mind coming back and taking a picture for me. This fish measured 25.75 inches and weighed 10.00lbs. This was one of the best days that I ever had fishing.IMG_8779.jpg 

I went on to win the big bass tournament. That win secured my spot in the NAKA classic. It also secured me a nice pay day along with a $100.00 academy sports gift card.  


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