Tips for catching fall bass

Fall bass fishing in Alabama is one of the most enjoyable times to be on the water. The air is starting to cool off. The water temps are starting to drop, and the leaves are starting to change. Fall in Alabama is a great time to be outside. Why not catch a few bass while you’re at it? The tips below should help you turn a good fall day into a great day of fishing. 

The right bait selection is key for catching fall bass. Below are my top five baits for catching fall bass.

DSC_2588.jpgSpinner baits – Spinner baits are one of the best all year around baits, but it can really shine in the fall. A spinnerbait on a shallow flat can be kept higher in the water column and kept above the fish making it an easy target for largemouth. 3/8oz white in less stained water and white and chartreuse in stained water are my go to.

DSC_2593.jpgSammy – The lucky craft Sammy is a great bait for targeting schooling fish. Working the Sammy in a walk the dog manner pausing it at time in the school can land big land. You don’t always have to walk the bait all the way back to the boat. Short strikes can occur closer to the boat. You don’t want to miss the chance at a big fish by working it all the way to the boat. Work it through the school and bring it in and do it again. 

DSC_2583Swimbait – A big swimbait can land you a big fish that is waiting for a fast meal. Work the area with your other baits like the spinnerbait or the Sammy, then use the swimbait as a clean up bait. Make sure your swimbait as a large wobble and a loud thump from the tail.

DSC_2605.jpgLipless crankbait – A go to in spring and fall fishing. Don’t get to hung up on colors here. Sexy shad, chrome and blue, and chrome and black are the best colors for fall. If the water is murky I like a gold with black back.  The retrieve can make or break this lure. You will catch a lot of fish by simply reeling the lure back to the boat, but if you will rip it and let it fall you will likely double you output for the day. The fish love to hit it on the fall.

DSC_2613.jpgBuzz bait – You can cover a ton of water with a buzz bait during the fall. It can be very effective around the laydowns in a creek. Targeting laydowns and stumps in the shallow water will produce some fish. Be sure to hit the laydown from a couple of different angles. I like white or black and always run a trailer hook. 

Where to fish

Following the bait to the back of creek is where you will find fish. Look for shallow flats close to a creek channel. 2-6ft of water is the target depth that you want to start with. This doesn’t mean that you want find fish in shallow water like 1 foot or so. You may also find them a little deeper. Let the bait fish tell you where to fish. If you find the bait you will find the fish. 

Look for birds

On my home lake there is a pretty good flock of sea gulls that roam the lake. I noticed when I first started fishing this this body of water that I would see a lot of sea gulls diving and eating shad. It didn’t take long to realize that it the birds are eating shad from above then the fish were likely eating the shad from below. 

Like I said fall bass fishing can be an awesome time on the water. Don’t over think your trip by packing everything that you own. Think simple, follow the bait, and have fun. Do those thing and you’ll have a blast.   

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